iPhone XL – New Upcoming Apple’s Wapon


Is Apple releasing a new wapon ? Here comes the big one. iPhone XL is set to be released on September. Apple’s new phone is rumoured to have a “giant” 6.5-inch screen, its largest yet.

It’s believed Apple is eyeing up a huge 6.5in display as the Korean Herald reports that LG will be providing shipments of OLED panels for an upcoming iPhone XL in late 2018. Samsung currently provides the OLED panels for the iPhone X meaning that, if this rumour is confirmed, Apple may have cut ties with one South Korean giant in favour of another.

Apple has ditched the home button in all three of its upcoming models in favour of its FaceID system, according to KGI Securities.

iPad Pros are also thought to be getting this new tech, which uses facial recognition instead of a fingerprint sensor to unlock the phones.

The stainless steel metal frame is also being changed, to improve data transmission quality, according to reports.

The new phones will have edge-to-edge screens instead.

6-inches would be the maximum already for most buyers you feel and don’t forget a larger display is going to mean an even higher price point than $999 which many consumers will be skeptical of.

The new iPhone won’t have those large bezels, and that is what will make its display so big, but this might also mean that the new device will be more fragile. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities also believe that Apple is planning to release a cheaper OLED model that will come with the popular Face ID technology, but with a display that has a lower resolution.

Nevertheless, we do not have any official information, so it can be hard to believe all this news while they are still unofficial. Apple should offer us some actual details sooner than you believe.


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