iPhone X release date


So when is the iPhone X coming out? The iPhone X will be arriving slightly later than the other new iPhones unveiled by Apple at the event. You’ll be able to pre-order the iPhone X from 27 October, before its official release on 3 November. You’ll be able to pre-order the iPhone X from Apple here, from retailers like Carphone Warehouse here, and from networks including EE here.

Following reports that suppliers would struggle to meet anticipated demand for the iPhone X ahead of the Christmas and January sales rush, it’s refreshing to hear from sources in the supply chain that things are looking up.
 According to Digitimes, component yield rates are up, shipments have increased and holiday demand will be met… although it should be added that nobody really knows what demand will be like, given the unusual timing and release strategy this time around.
 Reuters reported in October that in the US, the iPhone 7 is still outselling the newer iPhone 8. It cites people waiting for the iPhone X, and also the 7’s attractively lower price to the similar hardware of the iPhone 8.
 We will have to wait to the new year to see if iPhone 8 sales are even more negatively affected by the introduction of the X.


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