iPhone X battery life & wireless charging


All of this new tech had us worried about battery life, but Apple claims that it’s been improved. So much so that it should last two hours more than the iPhone 7, but we’ll have to wait until we get our hands on it for testing to see how long it lasts in practice.
 A Chinese regulatory filing reveals that the iPhone X battery will have a capacity of 2,716mAh, later confirmed by a Chinese telecoms authority. This compares to 1,821mAh in the iPhone 8, and 2,675mAh in the iPhone 8 Plus.
 The iPhone X can charge wirelessly, and Apple has made a new charging mat which has room for the Apple Watch Series 3 and your AirPods, too. Apple calls this charging mat AirPower, and it’ll be launching in 2018. If you don’t want Apple’s charging mat, others that work with Qi will be compatible with the iPhone X.
 The iPhone X will run iOS 11, which is set to become available for other iPhones on 19 September. You can find out what new features iOS 11 will bring here.


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