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Apple unveiled the iPhone SE in March of 2016 and put a big smile on the face of anyone that prefers the smaller, 4-inch form factor. It looks just like the iPhone 5 S, but has the specs and features of three years of technological advancements. Rumors abound that Apple is updating their iconic 4-inch iPhone, but what’s it going to look like? What upgrades will it get? This article is where you’ll find out all the latest news and rumors about the iPhone SE 2. Bookmark it and visit often. Here’s everything we know about the rumored iPhone SE 2!

If true, this would add credence to K G I Securities analyst Ming-Chi K u o ‘s research note (via Mac Rumors) stating that Apple is not actually planning to launch an updated iPhone SE in 2018.

Looking forward, will Apple continue with the SE line? Given the rumors indicating that iPhone 9 range will all sport the bezel-free design of the iPhone X, an Apple iPhone SE 2 might seem out of place by comparison. Unless, of course, Apple modernizes its look.

Unless Apple decides to rename its entire line of i Phones after some landscape or chip set design, its highly likely that the second generation of iPhone SE will simply be called iPhone SE 2. However, some rumors have spread that the next iPhone SE might have edge-to-edge display (more on that later), and have dubbed it iPhone 9 SE or iPhone X SE.

The legion of people who demand smaller phones will never quiet down, and if Apple was wise enough to listen with the first SE iteration, chances are high that there will be an i OS 11 or i OS 12-toting follow-up sometime in 2018.

We don’t have a whole lot of history to go on for predicting the release of a supposed second-generation 4-inch iPhone. What we do know, however, is that the first-generation iPhone SE launched in March of 2016 and there is a rumor that Apple is planning a March event this year.

That said, trusted industry analyst Ming-Chi K u o has said he doesn’t believe Apple will have the capacity to make an iPhone SE 2 this year. He said, “With three new models in the pipeline for the second half of 2018, we believe Apple may have used up its development resources.”

Word on the street is that Apple might announce the availability its Air Power Q-i wireless charger and an updated Q-i-supported Air Pod charging case, as well as unveil an updated iPad. The rumors of an iPhone SE 2 announcement aren’t as strong, but it makes the most sense in relation to Apple’s previous 4-inch iPhone launch.

That’s all just speculation right now, but considering the company is hard at work on an iPhone X 2, iPhone 9 and more phones it may be the iPhone SE 2 won’t be a priority for the company. We won’t know for sure until we hear more from Apple.

The current iPhone SE starts at just $349. It’s considered Apple’s low-cost, entry-level iPhone. In order to keep with the theme, Apple would have to put a cap on the price point, which might mean a slight increase of the current price, but not significantly more (if at all) than the original price of the iPhone SE, which originally started at $399.

In terms of pricing, the SE 2 is likely to remain Apple’s most affordable iPhone moving forward. The only pricing rumor so far points to a roughly $450 (around £340/AU$590) price, which seems believable.

This is the good stuff. Am I right? The whole point of keeping the 4-inch form factor is to keep it small. But will Apple stick with the same casing as the iPhone SE? or will we see something completely different?

While the next iteration of the iPhone SE may not garner as much of a boil in the rumor mill as the iPhone 9, we’ve still been hearing some interesting murmurs.

Recently, there’s been a report (as pointed out by B G R) that the iPhone SE 2 will look drastically different than its predecessor.

While the current model hark ens back to the aesthetics of the iPhone 5 S, a leaked photo claims to show off the all-glass back of the new model, which would make sense, since Apple has now stuck a glass back on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Elsewhere, we’ve heard that the iPhone SE 2 could have a quad-core A 10 chip set, 2 GB of RAM, a 12 MP rear camera, a 5 MP front-facing one, a 4.0-inch screen and that it could come in 32 GB and 128 GB sizes.

Here’s where the argument for pricing gets important. If Apple wants to keep the price of the iPhone SE to $349, or even close to that, things like Face ID (and the True Depth Camera system required of it) are probably out of the question.

If, however, the 4-inch  iPhone is going to be posited as a mini iPhone X, then Apple may not be shooting for the low-cost buyers, but the high-end 4-inch consumers.

If the iPhone SE 2 is not going to support Face ID, then it’s also less likely that would have edge-to-edge display since the Home button would need … well, a home.


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