Huawei Mate 10 Pro vs. iPhone X vs. Galaxy Note 8 Speed Test


Unfortunately unlike 2016’s iPhone 7 Plus which seemed to dominate the speed test scene for quite a while, the new iPhone X doesn’t seem quite as speedy. Either that or Android OEMs in 2017 have stepped up their efforts.

It should also be noted that the phones use different types of storage, where the iPhone X uses NVME while the Mate 10 Pro and Note 8 use UFS 2.1. In terms of speed, the iPhone X managed to finish the first round in first place at 1 minute 22 seconds, followed by the Mate 10 Pro at 1 minute 29 seconds, and last was the Note 8 with 1 minute 32 seconds.

However as we have seen in previous speed test videos, RAM seems to be an issue with the iPhone X where the second round saw the phone stumble rather hard. It took an extra 57 seconds to open all the previously launched apps, whereas the Mate 10 Pro took home the prize with 26 seconds, while the Note 8 wasn’t too far behind at 28 seconds.

credit to Venta Android


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