How to get a cheap iPhone 7 Plus ?


No iPhone in history has ever been as expensive as Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus. Of course, that sort of makes sense since no iPhone in history has ever been as impressive or capable as Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus. It has the fastest performance out there, the best camera out there, and battery life that outshines every other smartphone on the market. All that comes at a substantial price, of course, which is why it’s so important to take advantage when rare iPhone 7 Plus sales come around. Well, it just so happens that one of those sales just came around. eBay is currently selling refurbished 32GB iPhone 7 Plus handsets for $80 less than the cost of a new 32GB iPhone 7. Black is the only color left in stock, so definitely jump on this deal as quickly as you can. Of note, the seller has 98% positive feedback with more than 37,000 buyer ratings, so it’s save to say they’re trustworthy.
iPhone 7 Plus (refurbished) 32GB: $569.99


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